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20 Pcs Sweatband Tennis Overgrip Tape for Badminton Racket - PU Handle Sports Supplies

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Looking for the perfect gift for your badminton-playing friends? Look no further than the Racket Sweatband! This high-quality accessory is a must-have for any serious badminton player, providing superior sweat absorption and anti-slip properties to keep you comfortable and performing at your best.

But that's not all - our badminton grip is also a game-changer. Made from top-of-the-line materials, this professional-grade Racket Handle Tape prevents slipping and improves grip, making it easier than ever to dominate the court. And don't forget to share it with your friends, because it's just that good.

Looking for something even more portable? Our Portable badminton racket Grip is the perfect solution. Made with the same superior materials as our other products, this grip is also sweat-absorbent and anti-slip - but with the added bonus of being easy to transport and use on-the-go.

Protecting your tennis or portable badminton racket has never been easier than with our Grip Tape for Handles. Made from premium material, this durable and reusable tape ensures that your racket stays in top condition, no matter how hard you play.

And finally, for those on-the-go players, our PU Tennis Tape is the perfect choice. With its compact size, light weight, and easy-to-use winding, you can bring this tape with you anywhere and always be prepared for anything. So why wait? Try our products today and take your badminton game to the next level!

size 150×2.5cmx5pcs


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